The classic Spectro-Chrome Method

There are countless color therapy systems but only one Spectro-Chrome! The Spectro-Chrome method has existed for more than a hundred years and was developed in order to create an integrated system which combines the benefits of Newton’s and Goethe’s color circles.

We could now explain specifics of Spectro-Chrome Colors in detail, but in order to fully understand Spectro-Chrome Colors you need to see them with your own eyes and experience the application of colored light on your own skin.


Just a few remarks about Spectro-Chrome Color Wheel theory: the color circle represents a clear structure within which colors are defined by and positioned at harmonious intervals so that they represent a precise gradation of physiological effects. Furthermore, not all Spectro-Chrome Colors have the same brightness. Their degree of luminosity has been adjusted to the intended physiological effect: a light (sky) blue has a different effect from a deeply saturated, dark (night) blue. Light pink (which is not part of the Spectro-Chrome system) works differently from a saturated red. All Spectro-Chrome Colors are highly saturated.

The Spectro-Chrome Color Wheel consists of 12 saturated colors which were selected to their optimal representation of physiological effects. All organ systems and body functions are attributed to specific colors which serve gentle harmonization and normalization of physiological processes. By using the appropriate filters, up to three different filters have to be combined in order to obtain the correct Spectro-Chrome Color.  Here you can find information on effects of different colors.
Just click on a color segment of the Color Wheel for further information.


The inventor of Spectro-Chrome was aware that not everyone is equipped with medical knowledge, still he was convinced that the possibilities Spectro-Chrome has to offer should be made accessible for everyone.RB

The classic form of Spectro-Chrome application consists of direct exposure to colored light. Apart from appropriate color filters this also requires a suitable light source and a room warm enough to have a tonation. The picture on the left shows a Spektro-Chrom-Farbsonne SL which is optimally suited for generating Spectro-Chrome Colors in order to have a classic tonation1 of large body areas. Electrosmog-free direct current (DC) electricity and the use of incandescent light bulbs - in combination with a wide beam characteristic - are essential prerequisites for the production of pure Spectro-Chrome Colors.

1 tonation – a specific Spectro-Chrome term by Dinshah P. Ghadiali, meaning a treatment session with Spectro-Chrome Colors